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A Podcast About What Really Works To Run, Manage, and Grow Small Businesses Today Hosted By CoCommercial Founder Tara McMullin

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EP 146: Wellness Hacking For Time Management Success With Business Strategist Michelle Warner

As a startup cofounder and high achiever, Michelle Warner eventually hit a wall. She completely wore out her adrenals from working countless hours every day. But, instead of pushing through it and carrying on, Michelle’s body forced her to stop. That’s when she decided to get curious: how could she live and work in a way that aligned with her natural strengths instead of constantly pushing against them?

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EP 145: Developing, Manufacturing, & Marketing An Innovative Product With Arêt Basewear Co-Founder Bridget Kilgallon

On today’s episode of What Works, Bridget Kilgallon, cofounder of Arêt Basewear, a collection of minimal basewear for the outdoorswoman, openly shares her journey bringing a physical product to market. From hand-sewing and testing the first top to partnering with a local manufacturer to marketing the brand, Bridget walks us through her thoughtful approach to product design, branding, and customer satisfaction.

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SPECIAL: Changing Your Name After 10 Years of Building A Personal Brand With What Works Host Tara McMullin

When I got married 11 years ago, I was depressed, ashamed, and feeling like I had no opportunities left — in the way only a 25-year-old can feel.
I had always planned to keep my maiden name, which was Seefeldt, but I also planned to be a successful academic with a published work or two under my belt by the time I got married. Instead, I was a grad school drop out working as a retail manager earning less than $30,000 per year.

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