A Podcast About What Really Works To Run, Manage, and Grow Small Businesses Today Hosted By CoCommercial Founder Tara McMullin

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EP 158: Finding New Customers Without Marketing Your Life Away with Lagom Body Co Founder Kristen Runvik

More than 44 million Americans have a side hustle to earn extra money for living expenses, savings, and investments. But having a side hustle doesn’t necessarily mean you have a plan for quitting your job and going full-time with your business. In this week’s episode of What Works, Lagom Body Co founder Kristen Runvik shares with us how she divides her time between life, job, and business, how she finds new customers without spending all of her time marketing, why she has a love/hate relationship with Instagram, and more.

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SPECIAL: What’s Working In Email Marketing With ConvertKit’s Isa Adney

Despite the annual warnings that email marketing is losing its effectiveness, email continues to be a top sales driver across industries and business models. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone uses email to drive sales the same way they did 5 years ago or that they’re using the same strategy as the business next door. How are the leading businesses using email marketing in the current environment? Isa Adney, ConvertKit’s resident educator & webinar host, has her finger on the pulse of email marketing today and shares a variety of examples of how business owners are using email marketing to their advantage—without letting consume your every waking hour.

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EP 157: Building A New Business From His “Unique Genius” With Strategist Jason Van Orden

Jason Van Orden founded Internet Business Mastery ten years ago — and over the last decade, he successfully grew it into a well-known resource for starting an online business. Yet, as the business boomed, Jason started to feel more and more discontent with his work, especially during the last couple years. Through scaling the business and automating it, Jason lost connection with his creativity and passion.

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SPECIAL: Small Business Owners Get Honest About Fear

Underneath their ambitious and confident facades, small business owners experience quite a bit of fear. Since our goal is to bring you honest conversations about what it really takes to run a small business, we thought it was high time to talk about the fears we all face on a daily basis. We spoke to 11 small business owners and several themes emerged. These themes were echoed in the conversations we’ve been having about fear all month long at CoCommercial.

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EP 153: More Leading, Less Managing with Wanderwell Founder Kate Strathmann

Kate Strathmann’s company Wanderwell Consulting pays homage to Aloha Wanderwell, the first woman to travel around the world by car during the 1920s — and a woman who continued traversing the planet for the rest of her life. That same adventurous, quirky, and unconventional spirit threads through everything at Wanderwell, from how Kate hires and leads to how she works with clients in a “pretty off-beat, feelings-oriented, and very non-traditional kind of way,” she says.

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