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The answer to every business question you have is a lesson someone else had to learn the hard way.

What if you could turn other small business owners’ hard-won lessons into your custom solution?

From the isolation of your home office, it could take hours of research, loads of mental bandwidth, and a massive emotional strain to tackle the question or goal you have today. And then, there’s always the challenge you’ll face tomorrow…

You’re a go-getter, a problem-solver, and a figure-it-outter. You’ve established your small business with hard work, an iron will, and gumption. You’re more than capable of figuring things out on your own. But why continue to spend time and energy reinventing the wheel when solutions already exist?

What if, instead of putting yourself through the process of experimenting with solutions, making mistakes, and losing time and money on the path to your goal, you took what others have learned and applied it to your business in a way only you know how?

CoCommercial helps small business owners work together to turn yesterday’s hard-won lessons into today’s creative ideas, solutions, and inspiration.

When small business owners put their heads together, they act faster, stay more focused, and reclaim their emotional well-being.

Our virtual coworking space, peer support network, and collaborative learning experiences help you do just that.

The ultimate result? Sweet, sweet relief.

Support for your small business whenever you need it (like now)

Virtual Coworking Space

Use our desktop site or mobile app to connect with hundreds of small business owners who have real-world experience with the challenges you face and first-hand knowledge of what it takes to reach your goals.

Peer Support Network

Develop friendships, business partnerships, and key connections with people who share your values and want to see you succeed.

Learning Experiences

Pop into roundtable discussions, attend a virtual conference, join an expert Q&A, or attend a working session on a hot new tool. We create programming to help you learn, inspire your creativity, and help you build your network.

Honest conversations about the ups & downs and ins & outs

Go against the grain.

You’ve heard the conventional wisdom a hundred times before. At CoCommercial, we’re talking about whether the conventional wisdom actually applies to your business or not.

If you’re questioning whether best practices are best for you, you’ll find small business owners ready to dive into your questions and help you find a better-than-best-practice solution for you.

Talk about the nuts & bolts.

We go beyond what’s “sexy” about running a small business and dig into the nitty-gritty. If you need to streamline your services, work more effectively with team members, understand your Profit & Loss report, or any other operational task, our members want to help you do it.

We don’t shy away from the nuts & bolts, so jump right in.

Get your mindset in check.

It’s easy to psych yourself out when it comes to trying new things in your business. Our members talk about what’s going on in their heads–and how it’s impacting their bottom line.

No need to sugar coat what you’re dealing with. Whether you’re facing the Impostor Complex, a scarcity mindset, or simply thinking smaller than you know you could, we’ll help you see a different perspective.

Meet some of our savvy & generous members

Kat Lu
Kat Lu

Co-founder, CozyCal

“The greatest reward is hearing from our users how CozyCal is helping them to better run their business. When I was working as a consultant, I would rarely get to learn the impact my work would have for my clients since usually the final deliverable is a powerpoint deck. Yet, talking to CozyCal users feels much more tangible. The gratification is almost instant. It is motivating for us to learn that our product is providing real value to small businesses.”

Candace Loy
Candace Loy

Artist & Scientist, Ocean-Made

“I am currently fully immersed in marine science education, art, and sustainable seafood research, finishing up my thesis while setting up an online store and platform. I plan on adding a retreat component to it in the near future. It’s going to be fun. I might not end up on the traditional academic route, but I’m pretty excited about what’s ahead.”

Breanne Dyck
Breanne Dyck

Founder, MNIB Consulting

“It wasn’t long before I realized that just freelancing wasn’t going to cut it. My ambitions and goals–never mind my thirst to control my own time!–were never going to be realized if I was tied to only making money when I actually did the work.”

Jacquette Timmons
Jacquette Timmons

Financial Behaviorist, Creator of The Comfort Circle™ Dinners

“My clients can talk about sex with their friends. But they can’t talk about money because there isn’t an environment where people feel that they can be vulnerable.”

Steve Tressler
Steve Tressler

Musician and Creator, Game Symphony Workshop

“To me, success is like mastery, it’s a journey, not a destination. I grateful for having a successful career and blessed life doing work I love. I have big plans, but they’re not tied to my view of success.”

Lisa Akers
Lisa Akers

Spaceship Builder & Herbalist

“It’s really weird being an herbalist-rocket scientist. My science colleagues think I’m weird. My herbal colleagues think I’m weird… It’s been terrifying and joyous to finally find my own voice and trust in my own skills, but it was (and still is) a huge challenge.”

Shelly Waldman
Shelly Waldman

Commercial Photographer & Business Strategist

“Success is not wanting to quit, lol! Success for my business is being able to say yes to projects and are of interest to me, push me to think differently and allow me to make a business profit, pay myself and pay for the business operations. Success for me, is flexibility to do things when I want to do them.”

Lara Dalch
Lara Dalch

Health & Lifestyle Coach

“I didn’t truly believe that I could make a living as a health and lifestyle coach until I was able to broaden my vision for what my business could be. Turns out, it’s not just about coaching; there are media and education pieces still to build.”

Helen Tremethick
Helen Tremethick

Copywriter & Founder of The Communications Distillery

“Business is relationship and networking has always been paramount in building The Communications Distillery. I never forget that there are people with feelings behind those fancy avatars. Networking isn’t just about shaking hands and selling your services. I try to show up, be kind, and be willing to help, provide insights, or simply listen.”

We’re reimagining small business support to be accessible, transparent, and generous.

We connect you with a network of hundreds of founders, coaches, educators, designers, developers, consultants, and strategists while giving you the tools you need to get answers fast.

We host live virtual events and just-in-time learning so you can spot problems before they start with the support of colleagues.

We provide concierge service so you don’t have to dig through piles of resources to find what you’re looking for or get lost asking for support.

We showcase the experiences, expertise, and insights of our members (you’re next) so you can take advantage of our collective brilliance as small business owners.

Whether you need ideas for a big marketing campaign, want feedback on your sales copy, need help pricing a product, or need to vent about a frustrating business experience, we’re there for you.

Our goal is to make it easy to access and participate in honest conversations about the ins and outs, ups and downs of running, managing, and growing your small business.

We bring together a wide range of experience, expertise, and industry. 60% percent of our members have been in business 3 years or longer and 40% have been in business 6 years or longer.

Members create digital products, make physical goods, and deliver hands-on services. They operate in the coaching, consulting, education, design, fine art, software, training, and the financial industries.

Balance of tactical how-to and mindset support

I had a lot of options of communities to join that support small business owners and I knew in my gut this was the right choice because A) there’s actually racial diversity in this community B) this community is a balance of tactical how-to resources and the kind of mindset support I need C) it’s so clear that you can do the broad business systems design thing here and also own all the areas of deep dive. Your learning is deep and I know I’m going to benefit from just following Tara and those she’s assembled here.

Mia Scharpie

Founder, Creative Agency and Creator, Build Yourself Workshop

Accessibility, guidance, and assistance for all

Tara is passionate about creating a space for real learning, where the members are teachers and students at the same time. There is no information hoarding, or smoke and mirrors. It is a community of transparency, sharing what works and what does not, and provides space for these conversations that everyone can benefit from. There is no exclusivity, everyone has a spot at the table and that is exactly what the New Economy is all about. Accessibility, guidance, and assistance FOR ALL, not just some.

Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Psychotherapist and Money & Mindset Expert

Grow your confidence, believe in your abilities, take action

The amazing thing about working with the amazing CoCommercial team is the fact that it’s not all informative. Being around Tara and this community in the past one year has helped me grow my confidence, believe in my own abilities, trust not just my guts, but has shown me how to take action in ways that are both sure and experimental. I started stepping into my starring role because I am surrounded by amazing leaders connected by an amazing leader. Thank you for the work you do for the New Economy.

Nneamaka Okafor

Client Insight Specialist

Is becoming a member of CoCommercial right for you?

You’ll feel right at home at CoCommercial if you:

  • Value honest conversations about what’s working and what’s not in small business today
  • Generously share your experiences and expertise to support others when you can
  • Recognize the importance of a diverse support community: personal backgrounds, levels of experience, industries, and business models
  • Love problem-solving, iteration, and adaptation as processes that make your business stronger

Once you’re a CoCommercial member we ask you to commit to openly sharing your questions, challenges, and goals so we can support you.

“I created CoCommercial to be a sane and practical home base for today’s small business owners, freelancers, and founders. If you want to connect with generous, open, and honest people who truly want to see you succeed, this is the place to be.”

Tara McMullin
Founder & CEO

Your Investment

CoCommercial is $499.99 per year. For less than the price of a major business conference, an expensive online course, or a couple of hours of business coaching, you get access to a diverse, experienced, and knowledgeable group of small business owners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Your membership fee also includes access to 4 virtual conferences, countless special learning events and networking opportunities, and a global community you can take wherever you go with our iOS and Android app.

Despite all that, we’re happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t find CoCommercial to be full of smart, helpful, and generous small business owners you can work together with to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, let us know. We’ll gladly refund your membership fee.

The community is very welcoming

I’m really loving the CoCommercial group. It feels very supportive. I’ve posted twice now and each time the quality of the responses have been so amazingly helpful. Both times its helped me clarify what I need to do in a way that helps me move forward.

I belong to many Facebook groups. I’m not one to post in those (mostly large) groups, but here it feels o.k. The community is very welcoming even though I think I’m not as accomplished as many others are. I actually do get a bit of a vulnerability hangover but it’s not too bad. I enjoy helping when I feel I have something to add, another thing I don’t do in those other groups.

Nancy Elena Karp

Fine Artist

Your Next Steps

We want to help you make sure joining CoCommercial is a great next step for you. That’s why membership at CoCommercial is by application.

Each application is personally reviewed by a member of the CoCommercial team so that they can guide you through becoming a member, seeking help, and sharing your experiences.

Once your application has been reviewed, you’ll receive an email from a team member (generally in about 1 business day) with instructions on how to join. Plus, we’ll even give you suggestions for how to craft your first posts within CoCommercial so you can hit the ground running, get support on your most urgent challenges, and become an integral part of our network.

Have questions before you apply? No problem! Email the team at

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I going to learn at CoCommercial?

That’s up to you! There is no curriculum, online course, or resource library inside of CoCommercial. It’s self-directed learning.

Here’s why: the market is changing incredibly rapidly–and doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Most online courses are based on what works for a moment in time and for someone else’s business. At CoCommercial, we’re not locked down to teaching a particular curriculum that will be outdated before you know it.

You bring us your questions, challenges, and obstacles and we’ll help you work through them. When something new crops up, you’ll have us to rely on.

We do offer learning experiences like roundtable discussions, work & learn sessions, and expert Q&As but our focus is always on adapting to you and your needs.

Now, sometime hear that and think “Awesome! I’ll dive right in.” If you’re thinking, “Yikes, that sounds a bit overwhelming,” we’ve got you covered. We have a team of people who are here to help you navigate the community, ask for help, and formulate requests for support. If you ever want help but don’t know where to start, start with a CoCommercial team member.

How is CoCommercial different from a free Facebook group?

CoCommercial is a dedicated online space & community. We’re not at the whim of the Facebook algorithm or the toxic culture that permeates that social network.

At CoCommercial, community-building and support isn’t an afterthought, it’s what we do. Most free Facebook groups exist to further a marketing agenda (understandably!). In exchange for providing a free space, the owner of the group will market their course, app, or coaching to you.

Our business is creating a space for you to get support. We pay people to keep the group on topic, useful, and positive.


Will I fit in? Are there people like me here?

CoCommercial is full of Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers. There are both digital natives and technophobes–and all manner of folks in between. Some are coaches, some are consultants, many are educators, writers, marketers, designers, makers, artists, and photographers. Most of our members have 3 or more years of experience in their businesses but many have 6 or more and plenty are new to the game.

The business owners and the businesses inside CoCommercial run the gamut.

We believe that building a diverse community ensures that you feel like you belong and that you have something to learn from people who are doing things very, very differently.

Is it really safe to post about my challenges and questions? What about my new ideas & projects?

We’ve worked hard to create a community culture that is positive, optimistic, and inclusive. This extends to the safety of our space in terms of intellectual property, privacy, and harassment.

We have a clear set of posting guidelines and policies that make up the backbone of this culture. But it’s the individual commitment our members make to upholding and nurturing that culture that makes it all work. Of course, we also have our community and member experience team that actively monitors, moderates, and coaches within our space to ensure that the conversation stays constructive.

Our members regularly tell us how, once they muster up the courage to ask for help, they are blown away by the generosity, kindness, and positivity of our members’ responses.

That all said, our community isn’t about cheerleading or telling you what you want to hear. We have constructive conversations all along the spectrum from encouragement to kicks in the pants!

What's up with the mobile app?

We provide a mobile app (available at both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store) free of charge for members so you can take CoCommercial with you wherever you go. However, none of our content requires the mobile app to make use of it.

Lots of our members find that they check in more often than they would a traditional online forum because they have access to the app. It makes it easy to see if your question has been answered or if members are looking for additional context.

We’ve proudly decided to invest in solutions that make doing business on the goal easier–that includes utilizing teleconferencing systems that are also mobile-friendly for our virtual events.

Of course, CoCommercial is also great to use on your laptop or desktop computer.

Cookies? Yes, please.

We use cookies to customize your experience, to improve the content we deliver to you, and sometimes to show you relevant advertising on social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram. Can we offer you some cookies?