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A Podcast About What Really Works To Run, Manage, and Grow Small Businesses Today Hosted By CoCommercial Founder Tara McMullin

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EP 136: Playing Big With A Boutique Music Licensing Company with Catch The Moon Music Founder Cathy Heller

On this week’s episode, we talked with Cathy Heller, songwriter and President of Catch The Moon Music, a songwriting agency for T.V., ads, and film based out of Los Angeles. In our conversation, she shares where her love of music stems from, how she used closed doors as an opportunity to create her own path, and why she’s now offering courses for other songwriters.

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EP 135: Growing A Truly Sustainable Business With Art & Eden Founder Susan Correa

After two decades in the fast fashion industry, Susan Correa decided to leave her career as the sole breadwinner of her family to pursue a more sustainable approach to fashion. Today, Susan is the founder of Art & Eden, a sustainable clothing line for kids that approaches fashion in a slower, more intentional pace and weaves in social equity projects into the foundation of the business model.

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