EP 159: What’s Working In Email Marketing With ConvertKit’s Isa Adney

The Nitty Gritty

  • Who is succeeding with email marketing today–and how they think about their email lists differently
  • How ConvertKit makes it easy to test ideas and create a new product
  • Why simplicity is winning when it comes to email–and how that means you can spend less time marketing
  • How ConvertKit bridges the gap between the business just setting out and the more mature business with more sophisticated needs
  • Plus, a special trial offer–first month free!

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Despite the annual warnings that email marketing is losing its effectiveness, email continues to be a top sales driver across industries and business models.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone uses email to drive sales the same way they did 5 years ago or that they’re using the same strategy as the business next door.

How are the leading businesses using email marketing in the current environment?

Isa Adney, ConvertKit’s resident educator & webinar host, has her finger on the pulse of email marketing today and shares a variety of examples of how business owners are using email marketing to their advantage—without letting consume your every waking hour.

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Breaking through the email noise

“The real magic to me is the person behind the email and how much they care. Those are the people who cut through the noise.” –Isa Adney

Isa shared that the small business owners she sees having the most success with email marketing are those who prioritize serving or teaching over selling or marketing.

They’re creators, action-takers, educators, and professionals who really care and make an effort to show that with every email they send. That means the most successful emails are often the simplest.

They share a personal thought, helpful idea, or other valuable tidbits.

Despite being a fast-growing company, ConvertKit is no exception in prioritizing serving and teaching.

In addition to their blog and weekly workshops, ConvertKit offers courses on everything from setting up your first landing page, to building up a consistent process of communicating with your list, to advanced execution of your email marketing strategy.

Your email list as more than just a number

“Our most successful customers are the people who don’t see their list as a number.” — Isa Adney

Isa subscribes to hundreds of newsletters from ConvertKit customers to keep up with trends in email marketing.

She’s noticed that the most successful email marketers are those who don’t see each email on their list as a conquest to celebrate but, instead, as people.

Because they value the people on their lists as people, these email marketers aren’t just broadcasting. They’re curious about the stories behind the people and they start conversations to find out more.

Email marketing strategy can evolve

Isa had plenty of examples of small business owners who have leveled up their email marketing execution little by little.

Instead of trying to do #allthethings, business owners like Abbey Ashley at The Virtual Savvy, Megan Martin at Megan Martin Creative, and artist Amira Rahim have each evolved their approaches to email marketing as their businesses have matured.

Some make use of automation, some use Convertkit’s purchases integration, some grow through opt-in incentives (lead magnets). What they all have in common is finding an email marketing strategy that works for them–whether it’s currently trending or not.

Give ConvertKit a try

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or you’re a sophisticated marketer who needs a robust tool, ConvertKit can do the job.

But, you don’t have to take their word for it: try ConvertKit by signing up here and you’ll receive your first month free.

Give it a test drive. See how it compares to your current provider. And let us know how you make out with it!

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Find out more about ConvertKit by listening to my interview with its founder, Nathan Barry–not only will you learn how ConvertKit got started but you’ll discover how close Nathan got to shutting it down before it found success.

Listen to this episode to hear more from Isa Adney and more about how ConvertKit could be the email marketing provider to help you break through the noise and scale your business, without treating your subscriber as just another number.

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