A Live Talk Show About Digital Small Business, The New Economy, And The Ins And Outs of Growing a Company You Love


“Everything Tara Gentile creates is innovative, high-level, and adds great value for business owners. This podcast is no exception. Love the conversational and engaging format. Well done.”

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We Turn Your Questions Into Insider Conversations With Today’s Small Business Leaders

Help Yourself is a weekly live talk show that tackles entrepreneurship, marketing, mindset, social media, and management… as well as the comings, goings, and news in the digital small business space.

If people are talking about it, we’ll be talking about it too—and inviting you into the conversation.

Hi, I’m Tara Gentile

I’m on a mission to turn this emerging generation of small business owners and entrepreneurs into tomorrow’s economic powerhouses.

One of the ways I’m making this mission reality is with our live talk show, Help Yourself. On Help Yourself, we turn your curiosities, concerns, and challenges into conversations with small business insiders.

But we don’t stop there, we involve you in the conversation and use your comments and questions to shape the conversation.

We continue the conversation at CoCommercial, the business association for digital small businesses. Our members are coaches, consultants, designers, educators, and founders of all sorts of small companies who are doing business differently in the 21st century. They talk marketing, management, personal development, money, and more so they never miss out on the inside scoop.